Bravery Starts Within You

When someone says the word “brave” you probably think of superheroes who fight evil monsters or villains. Maybe you think of police or firefighters. These people are all brave, but there are other kinds of bravery too. You can be brave without facing danger!

If bravery isn’t just chasing lawbreakers and saving the day, then what is it? The answer: courage is about always trying to do the right thing, even if you’re not sure you can. For example, imagine if every day one of your friends bullied another kid at school who was a little unusual compared to everyone else. You’d know it wasn’t right, but it would probably be difficult to tell your friend to stop. If your friend didn’t listen, the brave thing would be to end the friendship and find a way to stop the bullying. 

Sometimes, bravery means overcoming something inside yourself. It can take lots of courage to get over your own fears. A common anxiety is nervousness when speaking to crowds. But some people know how much fun it can be to perform and be the center of attention, so they work hard to get over their fear. They get together with other people who have the same problem and take turns giving speeches until they’re not afraid anymore.

Is there something you want to do that makes you feel nervous? Maybe you want to try out for a school play, but you’re worried you won’t get the part. You should audition anyway. By facing your fear, you’ll grow a little stronger inside ¾ even if you don’t get the part. Over time, if you’re in the habit of facing your fears, you’ll be as brave as a doctor or a superhero!


Have you ever done something really brave?