How to Prepare for the Rest of the School Year

In just a few months it will be the halfway through the school year. How are your grades? Not exactly where you want them to be or where your parents want them to be? January is the perfect time to prepare for the rest of school year and be the student you want to be. Don’t think of it as a New Year’s resolution, more like what to do between now and summer break!

  • Take better notes: Taking good notes is important in any class. When you need a refresher for a class, you’ll have notes you can look at when you’re lost. Not sure how to take good notes? Find someone in class who’s good at taking notes and adapt to their style.
  • Study smarter: Studying longer doesn’t always mean a higher test score. Tune out the TV and other distractions when you’re studying and even turn on some classical music. By getting rid of distractions and focusing on studying, you’ll absorb the information in front of you that much better.
  • Look for extra credit: If there is a class that you’re struggling in, ask a teacher for extra credit. They may give it or they may not. But they will definitely take notice for you trying to do better.
  • Take projects head on: Teachers love to give large end-of-the-year projects that can be very time consuming. Instead of putting off project until the end of the year, attack the project head-on the very first day. Talk with mom and dad about the project to get ideas on the best ways to handle it. You’ll find more help if you ask early on instead of at the last minute.
Remember these tips will help you get through the rest of the school year, and before you know it you will be soaking up the sun while on summer break!




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